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Yacht Water Softener

When you embark on a yachting journey, the comfort of your yacht's journey depends on several details, including water quality.

A yacht water softener safeguards the vessel's essential systems and enhances occupant comfort. This type of softening device is designed to remove calcium and magnesium in hard water, often referred to as "hard water calcification", which can lead to scale buildup that can damage your yacht's fixtures, plumbing, and appliances.

water softener

Protection from Corrosion, Discolouration and More

Yachts today feature luxury finishes and fixtures and potentially fragile equipment that can be damaged if exposed to hard water. Using soft water can help protect your yacht from issues such as saltwater corrosion, oxidation, discolouration and more, extending the lifespan of these components. 

Soft Water
for All

Soft water is gentler on the skin and hair, enhancing the comfort levels for guests and crew members. This is particularly significant during long trips out at sea, where reliance on onboard water for personal hygiene is a big must.


Using hard water can cause scale to build up on the surfaces of your yacht and in its plumbing systems. Over time, this scale buildup can harm many metal applications like pumps, pipes, appliances and more, leading to potentially costly repairs and services.


Softened water amplifies the efficiency of cleaning agents like soaps and detergents. This leads to a reduced need for these products while ensuring that surfaces, dishes, and laundry are devoid of any soap residue or mineral buildup.



Hot Water

Scale accumulation from hard water can impede the performance of water heaters. Using a yacht water softener helps preserve the operational efficiency of these heaters, thereby saving energy and diminishing operational expenses.

Why puRO

Having a yacht water softener system is essential for many key reasons, such as:

Why puRO?

Several types of water softeners are available today; some use ion exchange processes, and others use reverse osmosis or magnetic technology. Understanding how yacht softeners work is key to selecting the right one for your yacht's needs. When choosing the right system, consider your yacht's size, water usage, and regional water hardness. Research various softener technologies to find the perfect fit, and opt for a system that provides cost-efficiency, durability, and easy maintenance. 

Unlike traditional yacht water softeners, reverse osmosis boasts an impressive filtration capability of up to 0.0001 microns. This level of precision makes it the most advanced and effective water treatment technique available today. The puRO system, an automated water purifier, efficiently eliminates all contaminants from dock water, specifically targeting calcium and magnesium, providing soft, pure water for all of your yacht's needs.

Reverse Osmosis

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