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From Idea that was born on deck to product

puRO System was designed from scratch in-house within the puRO Team

The idea to create a complete washdown solution was born while Omri Farbstein was working as a yacht captain along with his wife Aviv Yahel (first mate) around the Med. and South Florida, with over 8 years of experience on board the fight against water spots and hard water was frustrating, we were looking for a better solution comparing to the common water softeners, one solution that will provide the expected results with low maintenance.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-09-22 at 12.13.02 (1).jpeg


We are here to provide yacht-focused water solution to save time and hustle to the crew and provide top quality water for the owner and guests onboard


We are devoted to keeping develop cutting-edge water solutions for the marine industry, more to come....

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