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Reverse Osmosis Dock Filter

Reverse osmosis (RO) dock filters are based on an advanced water purification technology that offers several advantages, particularly for yacht owners and crew seeking purified water. 

But what is reverse osmosis, you may ask? Reverse osmosis is an innovative water purification process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities like minerals and bacteria from dock water. This system filters out particles such as salts and ions, providing purification up to 0.0001 microns, making it the most effective water treatment method currently known. Unlike water softeners, which add substances to water to remove minerals, reverse osmosis systems remove impurities without adding anything to the water.
The puRO system, which uses RO dock filters, is an innovative and compact system that can easily be installed on any yacht and provides up to 500 litres of purified water per hour with the touch of a button.

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Efficiency in Purification

The puRO system, employing reverse osmosis, is increasingly popular on yachts for producing clean, purified water. Designed to recycle water and drain less water compared to other reverse osmosis systems on the market today, it is effective and efficient.

Maintenance Advantage

Easier to maintain than traditional water softeners, puRO reverse osmosis dock filters are nearly maintenance-free. The pre-filters need to be changed every four months and the membranes every three years, but all systems are managed via a built-in system that sends reports to puRO, who monitors all maintenance needs.


 puRO can supply up to 500 litres of pure dock water an hour, filtering up to 0.0001 microns, resulting in soft, clean, spot-free water free of calcium deposits, thereby reducing dependency on external water sources.


Thanks to the easy touch screen and app, your crew can top up your tank with pure water from anywhere onboard your yacht. Fully automated, puRO will keep on running until the desired amount of purified water has been produced before flushing the membranes and turning them off. 


Optimal for Washdown Systems

Reverse Osmosis dock filters are ideal for achieving spot-free results in yacht washdowns, contributing to crystal-clear windows and a hassle-free washing experience.

Why puRO

Advantages of Using Reverse Osmosis dock filters on yachts:

Why puRO?

Reverse osmosis dock filters stand out as an exceptionally efficient and effective approach in the world of marine water treatment. Widely regarded by yacht owners across the globe, the puRO System significantly diminishes the dependence on external sources of water by providing high-quality purified water.

Reverse Osmosis

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