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No Spot Yacht Wash

Investing in a No-Spot Yacht Wash system is key to ensuring your yacht looks spotless. 

Spot-free water systems that use purified water offer a highly effective and efficient solution for maintaining the impeccable appearance of your yacht. Systems like puRO work by eliminating various impurities such as sediment, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, and more from the water before using it for washing and rinsing. Saving you and your crew water, time and effort, a no-spot yacht wash provides a spotless rinse each and every time.

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Water and Time Efficiency

The puRO system is designed and optimised to recycle water, which reduces water waste. It also speeds up the washing process by eliminating the need for soap or hand drying, with pure water absorbing salts and dirt more effectively than untreated water.

Prevents Hard Water and Calcium Deposits

Using an automatic freshwater purifier system like puRO helps prevent deposits left by hard water and calcium on yacht surfaces, making it easier for the crew to clean these spots without harsh chemicals or vinegar.

High Level of Contaminant Removal

Reverse osmosis technology can remove up to 99% of contaminated minerals and up to 99.9% of biological contamination, making it highly effective for purifying dock water for a spot-free yacht wash.

Specifically, Design for Yachts

The puRO system has been tailored for yachts, enhancing convenience and effectiveness during the washdown process. This innovative water purifier is small, compact, and quiet and has unique membranes that filter out unwanted particles and minerals.


Corrosion Protection and Hull Preservation

Using a spot-free water system helps to protect your yacht from potential long-term damage like salt water corrosion, oxidation, and discolouration. This, in turn, extends the lifespan of your hull and reduces the frequency of repainting or re-polishing.

Why puRO

Reasons to use a No Spot Yacht Wash System:

Why puRO?

Having a spot-free water system like puRO is a valuable investment for yacht owners, as it helps maintain your yacht's pristine appearance, reduces cleaning and maintenance efforts, and extends the lifespan of your yacht.

Reverse Osmosis

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