yacht water purifier

Turn dock water into pure water

Spot Free and Crystal Water in One Touch
with puRO Innovative Technology

One Touch Operation

Production Up To 500 l/h

5-20 ppm Product Water

Purify up to 99% of All Contamination

What is puRO?

puRO is an Automatic Freshwater Purifier which carefully designed to meet the needs of yacht crew and owners.

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Why puRO?


Saves Water

puRO optimization and design allows the machine to recycle the water and drain much less water compared to other Reverse Osmosis Systems

Fully Automatic

puRO is truly automatic system, without any manual valve adjustments and automatic flushing all you need to do is just press START

Durable, High Quality Materials

Made out of only state of the art materials and components, fabricated from stainless steel 316 and 6061-T6 aviation class aluminum, puRO will provide pure water for many years


Wisper Silent Opertaion

puRO is so quite that it is almost impossible to hear it running, it wont disturb the guests and the crew even when running in the night.


How It Works?

puRO innovative technology harnesses the power of  Reverse Osmosis to purify your dock water into pure water. Unlike water softeners, reverse osmosis filters up to 0.0001 micron!  it is the most effective water treatment method currently known to man.

Reverse Osmosis

Let the Pro's Talk

“Using puRO on our black Riva saves hours of shammy time and the final results are spectacular”

Tom Vantol

Captain of M/Y Nero

“Since we have puRO onboard washdown and rinsing become easier and fun. I cannot imagine running a boat without it again”

Captain of M/Y Sokny


“The guests love the water! We constantly getting compliments on the  luxurious shower experience and how shiny the glasses are in showers.”

Nicolas Texier

Captain of M/Y Shirzan


Top Up Your Tank From Anywhere Onboard

Choose how much water you wish to top up in your tank and press start! from anywhere onboard using the puRO Remote App.

puRO will run until the amount of water entered is produced, then it will flush the membranes and go back to sleep.

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Save Valuable Time 

Forget about the Shammy

Washing with puRO water is quicker, no soap or hand drying is needed.  pure water also absorbs salts and dirt faster compared to untreated water.

Compact Size for Tight Quarters

puro system yacht water
spot free

Simple Installation

puro installation
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